DIALLED: Distributed Index of All Library Location and Event Data

This project maintains a linked open dataset listing all (as many as we are aware of) of the libraries, archives, and museums in Canada, along with their locations, geographic coordinates, hours, and other meta-institutional data. We periodically harvest the linked data embedded in the canonical web page for each site and aggregate and redistribute that data for easy public consumption and reuse.

Last harvest

Data was last harvested and analyzed on 2016-09-11.

State of the Canadian library, archive, and museum linked open data union

Number of sites crawled (attempted)
Number of sites with schema.org Library entities
Number of sites with OpenGraph Protocol title attributes
Number of sites with schema.org name attributes
Number of sites with Twitter card attributes

Data dumps

The current dataset is available at /datadumps/dialled.ttl.zip.

Previous datasets are archived in /datadumps/archives.

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